Oly’s Collar Bandana

It has been a very busy couple weeks around here. I’ve been trying to keep everyone (the fur-kids) occupied. It seems that both of them have been missing their dad as much as I have. Oly has begun to carry around one of my husband’s socks that he found and Bean Bunny has begun hollering at the door all the time. It’s that point in the deployment where we all just want him to come home! We are almost half way through though, and then we will be on the downhill slide into home coming. That always seems to fly by.

Anyway, my projects over the last couple of weeks have all seemed to have gone wrong at some point or another, hence why I haven’t been posting anything. I tried to make coconut macaroons to send in a care package; I followed a recipe where all the comments were 4+ stars and the general consensus was that “they were so easy”! I however, found them quite the opposite. They tasted good, but they looked horrendous.

It may look like I took a bite out of it, but in reality I couldn’t get it off the pan, and this was also after taking off the burnt bits that spread whilst baking. Ok fine, I also took a small bite out of it. (Honey the ones that are in your care package that look like this, I promise I didn’t nibble on those. This one was quickly dispatched as a tester.)

I also was super proud of a tulip table runner top I put together. I thought it was so pretty and it was so super quick to come together, And then I realized…the tulips are super tall for my table. It almost could be a table-cloth not a table runner.

But I decided to carry on and not adjust it. So I went with my friend to Joann’s where I thought I found the perfect backing….only to once again realize I am not a math wiz. You guys, I cannot math. I got way too little fabric so this project is on hold until I try again…

The two projects that didn’t seem to go awry so far *knock on wood* was making of a quilt sandwich and making Oly a collar bandana.  The quilt I have been working on for months. And by that I mean, I sewed it together in a day and then have begun other projects so it is time to finish it.

I love the fabric on the top. It reminds me of those lovely Royal Albert tea sets. I luckily have a teacup and saucer as one of my best friends gave me one. Thank you, Ashleigh! I cannot wait to sip tea from it as I snuggle under this quilt once it’s finished. I used a black solid for the backing and I used a very thin batting in the middle as this will be my spring/summer quilt. I used curved safety pins and pinned about every hand length apart. (I have small hands so this is closer than it would be for a lot of people. Also, don’t do like my friend Stephanie and use straight pins to baste. She literally has put a lot of blood and sweat into her quilt.)

I’m struggling to decide if I want to use a light pink or cream thread to quilt the top, and a black or pink thread for the bottom. Suggestions? Opinions? I would love to hear what you think. I’m super indecisive if you hadn’t gleaned that already.

For Oly’s collar bandana, that was super easy and fun! I took his a great piece of fabric and cut two triangles with a tab out of it.

Once that was done I folded in to hem the tabs so that it didn’t leave a raw fabric edge and stitched it on both triangles.

Next I placed the two triangles right sides together and stitched a quarter-inch all the way around leaving about a two-inch gap where I could flip it right sides out. I also did not stitch along the tabs, those are kept open to allow for the collar to slip through it. Now, you could instead of cutting two triangles and then stitching them together, cut one long piece and then simply fold it over. But in my case, math, it struck again and I didn’t have a long enough piece of fabric for this.

Anyway, once it was flipped right side out I stitched an eighth of an inch all the way around to catch the gap where I flipped it and to finish it off. I also sewed a straight line all the way across to allow it to stay onto the collar without bunching up and slipping around.

Here he is modeling it for me. He loves it, and likes to show it off. So much in fact that when he saw his girlfriend down the street (a beautiful yellow lab) he bolted, knocking me down and breaking my tailbone as I landed on the concrete sidewalk. But he sure did look dapper in doing so!

I am thinking about next making him a bow tie for their next play date. I worry about what he will break next though trying to show off for her, so we shall see if it happens.

Let me know what colors thread you think I should use for my quilting! Until next time! Happy May!





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  • Stephanie May 3, 2018 at 12:03 pm Reply

    Cream top and a multicolored pink for the bottom! Like my blue only pink! 😍

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