Summer Garden Quilt

I finally finished my summer garden quilt. I have been enjoying it so, so much! Because I used light weight batting in between the front and back it’s nice and light weight. It’s also perfect for an afternoon of reading under my favorite tree with my favorite dog.

As you can see Oly the Canoli also thinks it’s perfect for this as well.

I decided to not quilt this particular one as much as I do my other quilts, so I only went top top bottom with a few straight stitches, about every 2.5 inches apart. It makes it look more blocked since the jelly roll lines go side to side. I used a gentle pinky-cream thread for the top and it blends in nicely with all the fabrics, and a pink thread for the back which stands out nicely against the black.

My favorite feature however, is I saved several of the jelly roll strips from this pack to make my binding. So my binding is scrappy and different all the way around which I think gives it fun whimsy!

In other news, I got on the scale the other day and…wow! Weight gain really sneaks up on you. So after speaking with a friend of mine who is a coach for Beachbody and who inspires me every day with her attitude and her “can do” social media posts, I’ve decided to start the 2b Mindset program. I’m really really excited about it and I think it’s a great way to lose some weight and just be healthier over all. So I will begin sharing that journey with you as well as some of the recipes that I find that are really working and that I’m really enjoying from it.

Happy almost end of May! (Of MAY! Can you believe it?)




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