Lavender Galore Wreath

So it has been a hot minute since I have uploaded a post and for that I am sorry! I’ve been keeping pretty busy, enjoying the summer and keeping Oly the Canoli and Bean Bunny Kitty entertained. We are in the downhill slide of their dad being deployed and soon all will be right in the world!

I once read something somewhere that says a military wife plants annual plants for her and her family and plants perennials for the military family that comes after her. I love that, and I think it is so true. A lot of military spouses jump right into decorating their homes and their yards once they move to a new location to make it feel more like home immediately. They jump into friendships full force because they do not have years to slowly accumulate friends. I am one of these wives. When we first moved to our home at this base it didn’t take more than a month for me to begin haunting my local garden centers. The tricky thing is, I had never been in such heat before! Sure I lived in Florida for a long time, but in the summer it rains every day. Where I am in California, it’s just hot. Hot and dry. All summer. One of my friends used to say it felt like walking out into a hair dryer because even when it gets windy, it’s a hot wind. So it took me a while to figure out what I could keep alive here.

Enter Lavender. Two years ago I planted two little lavender plants, and then again last year I planted two more to line the walkway to our front door. I was so young and full of hope. Spring forward to today, I have four massive lavender plants that I am constantly harvesting from all the time! I’m swimming in lavender so to speak. Is there anything better? I do like to give a lot of it away, I like to dry some of it and sprinkle on my rugs right before I vacuum. I know there are a million other fun crafts to do with them, but I recently tackled a lavender wreath!

So I gathered a small grapevine wreath that I picked up for less than three dollars at a craft store, some floral wire, my snip-snips (my technical term) and a bunch of freshly cut lavender. This is about half of the lavender I used, I ended up going out and getting more. But I always make sure to leave enough for the bees and hummingbirds.

I took a small handful of the lavender and placed them on the wreath form and wrapped just below the blossoms with wire. Then I snipped the stems about an inch, maybe two from the wire. Next I took another small handful of lavender and laid it on top and behind the first grouping and repeated the process.

Once I reached the end I had to tuck them under the first attached group a little, but I love the results! And it smells so divine!!

I added a little bow onto it and hung it on my wall by the front door and every time I walk by it just smells so fresh and lovely! You could make it as full as you like, and it would be especially pretty with other items tucked into it as well!

Speaking of wonderful smells! Have you all heard of the company Antique Candle Works? Oh my…gosh! I love them!! I have several of their candles and I cannot make up my mind which one is my favorite! (Today I think I am going to say their Fresh Cut Herbs.) I love the mason jars they come in, and they are so pretty and clean-looking and fill my whole house with the most wonderful smells that are not over powering!

I urge you to check out their website If you subscribe you get a coupon code to try some of their candles! I for sure will be ordering from them often because I just cannot gush about them enough!

Anyway, how are you enjoying the summer so far? Any projects to bring the outside in? Any projects to get you outside more? Let me know!

Happy Summer!



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