Our Grand Adventure to Washington

So have I yet mentioned my husband is finally home from deployment? Oh happy day! It’s so good to have the house a home again and have our family all back together. The kids, Bean Bunny and Oly the Canoli are also extremely glad to see their dad! He’s been resting and relaxing and getting readjusted back to normal life and we took the opportunity to go up to Washington State to see one of my sisters.

I love Washington! As my brother-in-law refers to it, a mini Alaska. Just a smidge warmer. My husband has never gone with me to visit yet and his travels have only taken him so far to Seattle (not a good representation in my mind.) So we packed up the Mall Crawler and headed north!

Aside from a 2+ hour delay getting through traffic in Tacoma and Seattle we finally arrived to my sister’s and settled in for an awesome trip. First thing on the docket? Crabbing! Now I love to fish, but crabbing? It’s my favorite form of fishing. It’s right up my alley, you put some bait in a pot, put it on the bottom of the water, go have some lunch or float around in the boat for a while and sightsee, come back and see whatcha caught. (Did I mention go have some lunch?)

My husband LOVES eating crab so I figured he would love catching it, as well as enjoying it as fresh as he could get it. Here he is, the greenhorn all ready and all smiles for a good day of catching Dungeness and Red Rock Crab.

So we put the pots down and proceeded to tour around the San Juan Islands. Did you know that there are on average 247 days of sunshine a year in the San Juan Islands and half the rain of Seattle or Tacoma? It showed for sure, it was so nice while we were there!




This is Deception Bridge, one of the coolest bridges by far that I have ever seen! It is about 180 feet from bridge to water (depending on tide) and more than a quarter of a mile long!  After lunch (mmmm lunch!) we headed back from sightseeing to check the crab pots.



The greenhorn pulling up his first crab pot. Doesn’t he look like he’s the next candidate for Deadliest Catch? While we had many a crab get into the pots (and hang on to the outside) none of them were keepers on our first day. But that’s more than okay! Crabbing, much like regular fishing is fun no matter if you catch something or not (says the girl that doesn’t eat seafood. It’s easy for me not to care one way or the other). However, do not despair! We were right back at it the next day!

We headed over to another part of the sound looking for better crab grounds. It was another gorgeous day and the water was so still and calm! I constantly was on the lookout for the resident orca whales, but alas we saw none. We did however see plenty of seals and sea lions as well as porpoises. Also at one point, even though we were boating pretty near Canadian waters, we had the overwhelming feeling of patriotism come over us.



Couldn’t tell you why though…

Anyway, after we put the pots down in our chosen spot we looked around at some islands than settled in for a nice afternoon floating on the smooth water watching and enjoying the great Washington outdoors.




This is Mount Baker in the background. I apologize, I am not a photographer of landscapes like my awesome sister is. Her photo would have been AH-Mazing!

So now it was time to pull up the soaked crab pots. Today we had luck!!


Boy do these guys like to hang onto the pot for dear life though. I accidentally dropped one and his leg just popped right off! Dammit! My poor husband was struggling with another for a long time to get him off the pot to no avail and finally his claw also popped right off.



They’ll grow back though. We caught the same crab twice, we’ll call him Lucky. He was missing a claw (not our fault!) and he really just wanted to come home with us.



We put him back in the water to grow his claw back and continue terrorizing the deep. And next we finally pulled up a keeper! Meet Larry..



Larry was (was) a Red Rock Crab. Larry, once in his bucket and on our way back home was surprisingly subdued and content to just hang out. My brother-in-law and husband dispatched him and cooked him once we got back to the house and I helped my husband find all the meat in him. We had quite a bit for only having one crab. Thank you Larry! My husband truly enjoyed you!



The men enjoyed him on some grilled salmon and then later in some crab dip my sister made.

The rest of the trip was enjoying family time, sightseeing beautiful Washington and of course a shopping trip with my sister! No visit with my sister is complete until there has been shopping. Did you think I would also forget to mention the muffins? Do you remember the muffins I try to emulate at home? Well they still are not able to come close to the famous, life changing muffins that I always have to stop to get when visiting the Pacific Northwest.



This one happens to be a maple cinnamon delight, and while I did remember to take a photo this time, it was quickly consumed. Yum!!

While I am not a landscape photographer like my awesome sister, I did manage to take a few cool photos. There are these really cool trees all over called madrone or madrona. Their bark is red and I used to call them alien trees, but what’s really cool was this one was starting to peel its bark off leaving a gorgeous interior.


We also headed over to see the tugboats that were docked. I don’t know why but I love tugboats. Sailboats are gorgeous, but tugboats also fascinate me. Maybe because they’re little but mighty (much like me. HA!)



While walking along the beach we also had to take the obligatory selfie. I love this man and am so glad to be reunited with him!



And of course as the evenings came to a close and we enjoyed the view from my sister’s house…



We also snuggled down to enjoy quiet family evenings. Meet Allie, the worlds coolest Vizsla. She’s got a pretty sweet gig and is very well loved by all who meet her.



We returned home to California to resume our daily life, but we are being joined this weekend by my husband’s mother for a weekend of fun adventures! I’ll update you on our ventures to the beach! With some luck maybe we will see some whales this time. (I’m beginning to think my husband is bad luck when it comes to whale sightings.)

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


-Love, Abby





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