Porter House Steak with Root Smash and Demi glace sauce

I love treating my husband. The way that easiest for me to do this is to cook for him. He’s pretty easy to please in this regard. He’s a very meat and potato kinda guy, and he says he’s not picky….and it’s true he will eat just about anything you put in front of him, but Lord help you if there’s no meat.

So, I’m trying to get more vegetables into him since my diet has changed to more veggie based in the last year. (Also…a right of passage happened this week. I am officially over the age of 30, I bought Fiber One cereal – and liked it!!!) The easiest way to sneak veggies into my husbands diet is to put it on the side of a big steak.

For one of our anniversaries I bought him a sous vide machine. I don’t know if he loves it or his smoker more, but it’s probably a toss up. He uses it all the time to make steak, salmon, duck etc. So I decided while that if he can do it I probably could too. So I went to the store and I got two big Porter House steaks, and veggies!


Ok so if you are the cashier at the grocery store, those veggies are; a turnip, a parsnip, carrots, a potato and an onion. Not a beet, a yellow carrot, regular carrots etc. I am a big big fan of parsnips. They’re so delicious roasted, mashed, in soups, really wherever you would put any other root vegetable.

I vacuum sealed up the steaks with some olive oil, rosemary, a little bit of salt and pepper and some McCormick Montreal Seasoning. Using the sous vide cooker I submerged them into the water to come to my desired temperature (medium) which took about an hour.




Meanwhile, I peeled the parsnip, turnip and potato and cut them into sizes roughly the same as the carrots. I placed a pot of cold water onto the stove and put the carrots, turnips, and parsnip into the water and turned it onto high. Once the water was boiling I turned it down slightly and salted my water and boiled it for about 15-20 minutes before adding in the potato to cook for another 15 minutes.


While my veggies were cooking away and getting soft I cut my onion up and melted some butter in a skillet, about a tablespoon and placed the onion and a clove of garlic to get soft and translucent.

When my boiled vegetables were nice and soft I drained the water and put them back into the pot to get rid of any excess water, on the stove. Then I mashed them up with the butter/onion mixture and a little bit of milk. Of course I also tasted and salt and peppered to my liking.

Next my dear husband heated up a cast iron skillet on the stove until it was smoking hot. He added a tablespoon of butter and seared the steaks on both sides. The steaks were already cooked perfectly all the way through in the sous vide, but this is to make them pretty and give them a nice crisp exterior. As we let them rest I added a little bit of onion and garlic to the cast iron skillet with a little more butter. The cast iron was still hot enough at this point that it didn’t need to be on the stove at all. After about a minute of constant stirring I added a table spoon of pre-made beef Demi glace, which I always keep on hand now. (Said in my best snobby voice.) And then quickly added 1/4 cup water. You could also add red wine here instead but, (in my non-snobby voice) we don’t often have wine on hand.

I plated up the veggies, the steak with the sauce over top all of it. My dear husband snarfed it! I only ate half my steak and he had the rest of it for breakfast along with some eggs a couple days later.



If that’s not how to thank a veteran for his service, I don’t know what is!

Speaking of, he’s been taking this weekend to work on his Jeep, so I took the weekend to have a photo shoot with the Bean Bunny and my Jeep.




I’m fairly confident the look on her face shows just how thrilled she was with this opportunity. She also might have been upset that it was pretty smoky outside from the fires in California. Either way, both the Jeep and my little kitty are so beautiful, right?

This Veterans Day, as with every day, I thank all of you service members who have dedicated your lives to our country! Thank you for your service! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!








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